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"Terry is a good guy. I'm sure he will give you a good deal and everyone I have talked to that knows him says the same thing. He went out of his way to fix my Stratos to my and his satisfaction before I left the day I went out to look, LOL, and ended up taking home. I bought it from him used, and have to tell you: if he went that much out of his way to make me a really good deal money wise, then replaced two batteries on it that he didn't want to send me out with, replaced a doubtful trailer light and hooked up plus checked out everything. He will certainly make sure you are happy with your boat. Being kinda out of the 'Metro Mess', his prime advertisement is people like you and me! Some people I have told and talked to have been more than happy to make the drive. Outdoor Specialties saved them time, money and in most cases gave them a new or great deal on a used rig! All of the employees are great folks. I know Terry goes out of his way to maintain his Ranger dealership/Stratos as well not just with sales but with service. He's been in the bass boat business in sales and repair for a number of years. You'll take your boat out on Lake Leon there it's great lake, challenging. . . he will show you everything about your rig. "

By: Fred