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  • "Terry is a good guy. I'm sure he will give you a good deal and everyone I have talked to that knows him says the same thing. He went out of his way to fix my Stratos to my and his satisfaction before I left the day I went out to look, LOL, and ended up taking home.  I bought it from him as a used, and have to tell you: if he went that much out of his way to make me a really good deal $$ wise, then replaced two batteries on it that he didn't want to send me out with, replaced a doubtful trailer light. . . hooked and checked out everything, he will certainly make sure you are happy with [your boat]. Being kinda out of the 'MetroMess', his prime advertisement is people like you and me! [Some] I have told and talked to have been more than happy they made that drive. Saved them time, money and in most cases a new or great deal on a used rig!  Every one of his employees there are great folks. I know he goes out of his way to maintain his Ranger dealership / Stratos as well not just with sales. . . but with service.  [He’s] been in the bass boat business in sales and repair for a number of years. Ya'll take it out on Lake Leon there. . . great lake, challenging. . . he will show you everything about your rig. "

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    Fred Habenicht - XX
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